• 04.11.2022

    How to coach League of Legends?

     Competitive game League of Legends is one of the fastest growing online games in the world. The game is quite competitive and has a ranking system, in which players can see their actual ranks and their overall rating. Because of the wide skill discrepancy between low- and high-ranking players, certain individuals would like to improve their skills, and they may use methods such as coaching and mentoring in League of Legends. Considering the aforementioned facts, we, Elounion, decided to create a platform for the purpose of, but not limited to, answering these questions - how to coach League of Legends and how to get better while being coached. In games as competitive as League of Legends, you have to invest hours and hours of hard work to see the results. Some put their maximum effort into it, but just don’t seem to reach the goal they have been dreaming of, and they decide it is time to ask for some help. The others, in comparison, have reached a certain rank and feel ready to share their experience in order to help other players, so they are now wondering how to coach League of Legends. And by coaching, they let others relive the same success they have already achieved. How to be a good coachTo be able to play a role of a good coach, is not as easy as it may seem, and it doesn’t only depend on the rank you have achieved. Aside from general gaming abilities, you must have developed communication skills and the ability to cooperate with your team. Teamwork, a good mental attitude, and the ability to convey information in a deliberate manner are the keys to success. The coach can’t only be a professional in the game. To be a coach means being the person, who will be able to motivate the player and let him or her move in the right direction. Practically, the coach will have to lead the way to the desired result for the client, but along the way, the coach has to create the best and most comfortable atmosphere in order for the player to learn and get the most from the learning process.To combine all that, a good coach needs, to build up the whole style of coaching itself. It means the person should consider the main values that he or she concentrates on in the game and which will be later learned by the so-called students. The coach should pre-build the environment in which an individual or a team will be operating so that it will be useful for the development of both sides. Meanwhile, the coach must remain someone that the clients have respect for, so the discipline in the training should also be strictly considered. So, the coach does not necessarily become your friend, but rather the person who will assist you in becoming the best version of yourself and giving your best performance in the game that you have ever demonstrated. The coach should also understand that each client may need a very different system of learning. Some clients may not be able to train and learn at the pace that you desire, but that does not mean that you should give up on them. As a coach, you must show some patience and some skills to find the individual way of helping that will suit the client. There’s also an aspect that the coach should grasp, and that is the ability to watch the game correctly. Coaches should not only see if the player makes mistakes in the game or is doing well, but they should also be able to discover the weaknesses and strengths of the client and work on them individually. If you think that you have already developed the above-mentioned skills and, you have, naturally, asked the question, "How do I coach League of Legends?" then we will be happy to consider you for joining our team. In order to get a chance, you simply have to send us an email and get ready for the best possible future in Elounion. It is not only about a coachAs for the clients themselves, they have to understand that the process of coaching does not only depend on the coach. Of course, there’s no profit in it, if the coach is not good (which you won’t have to worry about at Elounion ), but even if he or she is a professional at their job, there still might be the chance that you don’t achieve the level that you so long for. By that, we mean that you have to show the initiative for improving yourself in the game and then we can guarantee you that the coaches will help you with it. As a client it will benefit you, if you remain open to some criticism from the side of your coach. You have to remember that our team members are on your side and even some criticism is still delivered in order to help you develop. The process will also be much easier if you are not afraid of asking some questions, even the ones that might sound silly in your head. The environment provided by our coaches is very welcoming, so you can show off your skills fully and receive the advice that you need but might not know yet. By following all the paths, the coach is preparing for you, you can relax, because that means you are already on the way to the success you have been dreaming of.We understand that, without specific knowledge of the game and strategizing, deciding what to work on and what will be useful for improvement can be extremely difficult and stressful. Well, our coaches have that knowledge and those communication skills that will be personalized for each of our clients, understanding that the way to success looks different for every person. And so, we offer you the chance to enjoy the game and achieve as many goals as you’ve set without having to worry about every little detail, because that is going to be our job, which we will be happy to do.  

  • 05.11.2022

    How to elo boost - answers on questions

     What is elo? True League of Legends players know that the complexity of the game proves itself in many aspects. There are different ways of developing yourself in the game, and the competition itself makes the game more and more interesting, as you climb further up the ladder of the ranking system. Elo, known as a rank position, is one of the most enchanting parts of the competitive game in the gaming world and especially in the League of Legends universe. The higher your so-called Elo is, the better status you uphold in the community of serious players, so billions of people around the world spend a lot of hours and sleepless nights playing video games with the only one goal – to get better at something which they admire the most. To develop in the game, you have to gradually improve your elo, but how? That is exactly the question that we are ready to answer. How to elo boost: Here are the tips that we at Elounion believe are the best for improving our clients' experiences. Short answers on questionsElo, known as a rank position, is one of the most enchanting parts of the competitive game in the gaming world. The higher it is, the better status you uphold in the community, thus billions of people around the world spend a lot of hours playing video games with the only on goal – to get better at something which they admire the most. How to elo boost - a question of many gamers and our answers. In League of Legends, to get better rank, player needs to get LP (League Points) as an award for winning a game. The gain depends on the MMR (Match Making Rating). If a win rate is not high enough, MMR is getting lower, and it often happens that players are being stuck in some specific rank division and can’t climb further. In this case, a lot of people ask a question – how to elo boost. If you need higher Net wins, contact us.Even though the game itself doesn’t seem to be super complex at first glance, there are a lot of small details which really play super important role in consistent improving and climbing the ranking ladder. When the person naturally asks a question how to elo boost and get better, he needs to concentrate on the fundamentals which can be improved from his side. Those can be improving gaming mechanic skills, better decision making, better mental stability, etc. The problem is, the higher the elo is, the more difficult it becomes to notice those details. That is where our platform, Elounion comes in handy, where super experienced, hand-picked, top tier professionals will help you out and put you on the right way to how to boost your elo.   MMR and LP gainIn League of Legends, to get a better rank, a player needs to get LP (League Points) as an award for winning a game. The gain depends on the MMR (Match Making Rating). If a win rate is not high enough, MMR is getting lower, and it often happens that players are stuck in some specific rank division and can’t climb further. Many people in this situation wonder how to elo boost. If you need higher Net wins, contact us.Even though the game itself doesn’t seem to be super complex at first glance, there are a lot of small details that play a really important role in consistently improving and climbing the ranking ladder. Naturally, as you grow as a player in the game, your enemies also develop, so that means if you get higher in the ranking system and get stronger, so do other players who might have the same goal as you. The pressure of competition truly becomes unbearable.That is when the person naturally inquiries about how to boost their elo and improve. One way to reach that goal and get better is to concentrate on the fundamentals, which can be improved from the player's side. Those can be improving gaming mechanic skills, better decision making, better mental stability, etc. But the problem is that at some point even this strategy of working on yourself becomes not enough to successfully elo boost. This is due to the fact that as time passes and the tension in the matches increases, it becomes much more difficult to notice the details and weaknesses you need to work on. The "mess" inside your head at that moment is quite understandable, and that is exactly why we have created our platform. If you are ready to ask for some help, we will be very happy to join you on your journey to the goals you have set for yourself, but just could not find the right way.Behind each of our services stands the meaning of elo boosting, just in different forms. Whatever boost you choose, your experience will be led by highly experienced, hand-picked, top-tier professionals. Our servicesTo simply understand what kind of options you have for boosting your elo, we will present you with some of our services. For example, by using a solo boost service, we mean the process of our client giving us access to his or her profile and trusting our experts with the promise of achieving their desired ranking. By agreeing to it, there is of course a guarantee given by us that, no matter the difficulty of the rank and the amount of time it might take, you will be happy with the result as your ranking status will go higher. The Net Wins which we have already mentioned are offered to you for when you have already calculated the concrete number of wins you need to achieve the goal you’ve already established for yourself and are looking for a reliable and safe elo boost service that functions really fast. The duo boost teqnichue is another popular elo boost service among League of Legends players. The process is quite simple and really beneficial. You tell us the rank that you are trying to reach, and a professional from our team will help you along the way by playing next to you, supporting you and having your back in the matches. As you can see the differences between boosting strategies make it possible for each player to find the exact service they have been looking for. SummaryTo summarize the answer to your question, the strategy for elo boost can differ depending on the player, because for individual development, each person should focus on some specific details that are required for them. If you understand and have already accepted the fact, that going forward in the game on your own becomes really hard and even uncomfortable, you are welcome on our platform, which will give you the best possible solutions to your problem. You want to know how to elo boost. We offer you numerous services that will be provided by our professionals. Our experts will customize the boosting program for you as our client. This is our main intention, to help you be the best version of yourself in the game and gain the best possible experience, that will lead you on the right path, even when you decide to stop receiving our help and continue on your own. We guarantee you that it will be possible, with the skills and new abilities that you will learn in the process of elo boosting with Elounion.  

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    Is elo boost bannable?

     At first: Why do you need elo boost? People that have already started showing their interest in the game understand that the complexity of the game includes different kinds of player development. You must have heard of the famous LOL ranking system. It becomes available for people who have already reached level 30 in the game. These are the statuses that many players strive for on a regular basis. In the universe of League of Legends, there are currently nine ranks that exist. Each rank has a name and a specific icon, that it’s represented by. The ranks give information about the skill and experience of the players. The nine ranks are: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, Challenger. These days ELO meaning is equalized with the ranking system. Steadily growing your ELO in the game isn’t as easy as you might think, considering some other games. As always, LOL being a really complex game proves its name. The higher you get on the system, the harder it gets to achieve another status, but the emotional and psychological meaning behind being a highly ranked LOL player becomes so desirable that some individuals are ready to ask for help from professionals. That’s when the elo boost service appears in the picture. Elo, known as a rank position, as already said is one of the most enchanting parts of the competitive game in the gaming world. The higher it is, the better status you uphold in the community, thus billions of people around the world spend a lot of hours playing video games with the only on goal – to get better at something which they admire the most. Even though the game itself doesn't initially appear to be overly complicated, there are numerous minor details that play a huge role in consistently improving and moving up the ranking ladder. When someone asks naturally "how to elo boost and get better," he or she needs to focus on the fundamentals that can be made better on his or her end. These include things like enhancing decision-making abilities, mental stability, and gaming mechanics. The issue is that it gets harder to notice those details as the elo increases. We provide Solo League of Legends boosting and League of Legends duo boosting services with the best terms. Can you be banned for elo boosting?Even though it might sound very attractive, lots of people think very carefully before considering this type of service, given the question that is often asked in the League of Legend community: "Is elo boost bannable?".The terms, that are provided by Riot consider that elo boosting can be banned. You might have even noticed some massive waves of bans that appear at the end of the season. These waves are directly related to the way Riot is attempting to eliminate cases of people "unfairly" attempting to climb the LOL ranking system. It became possible for Riot because of the new artificial intelligence that helps them detect some rapid changes by some of the players. We at Elounion are ready to help you reduce the risk of being banned to zero. The way to avoid it is actually quite simple. It surely depends on your will, but it might be safer if you are being careful about who you share the information with. Our team members at solo boost service themselves really care about the confidentiality of the process. As a result, it will be in our best interests if the Riot does not find out about the professional playing instead of you.If you are still somehow afraid of the "punishment", you may consider the method of elo boosting that is called duo boost service. The meaning behind it is that you tell us the rank that you are trying to reach, and a professional from our team will help you along the way by playing next to you, supporting you and having your back in the matches. In that case it is practically impossible to be banned, because the person that you are playing with can simply be your friend. As a result, the Riot will be unable to prove that you are using an elo boost service. Our point of viewFrom our side we understand that there might be a lot of reasons why you decide to ask for our help, but we don’t ask many questions. We simply concentrate on our goal, which we have set to be helping and improving the skills of our clients when they are in need. Even though some of our services include our professionals playing with your account, even during these processes we are open to any questions that you might have about some strategic moves or the skins, etc. These aspects are originally included in our coaching and duo boost services, but when you have found us and asked for our support, we’ll try to give you everything you desire. Of course, all of that also includes in itself the safety of your account. To the gamers having their accounts banned means a lot, and as gamers ourselves, we understand it very well. That is exactly why we are doing everything possible to keep your account secure from all sides. And to combine it all, Elounion helps you discover the services, that are beneficial for you, help you evolve as the player in League of Legends and cares about the safety of all the processes. The team members from ours side are working on and considering all the details, so that you will not have to worry about it additionally. Your account will not be banned if you follow the simple rules and hand the account to the people that only care about the improvement and evolution of their clients. We promise that Elounion is the best choice.

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    How much do elo boosters make?

     Not only a hobby Since its launch in 2009, the game League of Legends has contained in itself and given its players different possibilities. Other than being a hobby for so many people, it has also given some individuals the opportunity to make it their job. What is meant by that? How do you make money out of gaming? As it appears, it is possible to be compensated for doing something you thoroughly enjoy, and for us as gamers, that is playing in the League of Legends universe while also providing support to those in need through our gaming experience. What does it all mean? What are the people actually paid for? To understand that we should briefly explain what elo boosters do and why we actually need them.League of Legends' complexity, which has been widely praised in the gaming community, has many layers. The developed ranking system is the most important aspect of this. To climb this system from the bottom to the top is not an easy adventure. As you go further up that ladder, the harder it gets to keep going. At first, winning seems easy, but later it becomes much more difficult. It can take so much time that some players just give up on it and maybe even quit. Some realize they simply can’t do it on their own and are ready to ask for some help, and some others somehow manage to master the game to the point that they even become able to teach it later. These last ones are called elo boosters, the same people who get paid for doing what they love.What do elo boosters exactly do. There are different types of services that are led by elo boosters. To understand more clearly how this works, here are some of the services explained that you can find with us, on Elounion. Different servicesBy using a solo boost service, for instance, we mean the procedure whereby a client grants us access to his or her profile and relies on our experts to help them rank as high as they want to. By accepting it, we obviously guarantee that you will be satisfied with the outcome because your ranking status will improve, regardless of how difficult the rank is or how long it might take. When you have already determined the precise number of wins required to accomplish the objective you have already set for yourself and are searching for a dependable, secure, and quick elo boost service, the Net Wins are offered to you. Another well-liked elo boost service among League of Legends players is the duo boost method. The procedure is very straightforward and helpful. A professional from our team will play alongside you, support you, and watch your back during the matches as you work toward the rank that you desire.So now that you understand the job of elo boosters, you might be interested in learning how to become one. It can’t be that easy to get paid for playing, you might think. That thought is partly true. There are many qualifications a person must have to become an Elo booster and get paid for it. Whatever boost you choose from Elounion, your experience will be led by highly experienced, hand-picked, top-tier professionals. What do they have that the ordinary players don’t?It's not as simple as it may seem to be able to play the role of a good booster, and your ability to do so is not solely dependent on your rank. You must possess not only general gaming skills but also the capacity for working in a team and communication. The secret to success is having a positive outlook and being able to communicate clearly. The booster cannot just be an expert player. Being a booster entails having the ability to inspire a player and facilitate movement in the desired direction. You might think that maybe these characteristics are important to the coaches but not so much to boosters, but that is not something we agree on. Our service is entirely based on our desire to assist clients in improving their gaming experience and skills. Even if you choose the solo boost service but have some questions in the process regarding playing strategies and techniques, our team member will be happy to answer those questions. To be able to do that in the best way possible, he has to know how to communicate correctly, which is something we work on. Most important questionWell, it’s pretty understandable that the job of a booster looks pretty attractive and interesting for some serious gamers, but it doesn't go without the main question that is being asked very often. How much money do elo boosters actually make?It is hard to say the exact numbers, but to slightly understand how it works, you have to know that the booster gets paid with a certain percentage of the money paid for some kind of service. We understand that the best way to demonstrate this is through numbers, so roughly, elo boosters are paid around $2,000 per month, which is higher than the average salary. Again, this is just an exemplary number, so, it can be lower or higher, depending on the performance of the booster. If he or she puts forth their best effort and leads as many services as they can, the number can get even higher.To summarize, if you believe you have what it takes to be a member of our team, want to do what you love, get a well-deserved paycheck, and help other players who are just starting out in the League of Legends universe, please contact us via email, and if you are truly ready, we will be delighted to welcome you to our team.

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    How to boost your MMR (Matchmaking Rating) in League of Legends?

     Why do you need a high MMR? By playing League of Legends, each gamer has to understand the complexity of the statistics, which may not be so visible to you and hide behind the curtains, but each statistic has a very large influence on your experience in the LOL universe. Many players who start to treat the game as more than just a little hobby really dive into the system of the game and start to ask questions that will help them master the game. One of the questions is: "How to boost your MMR in League of Legends?" Considering the importance of this aspect, we understand your need to find the answer, but to make it easier, let’s simply start by defining the meaning behind MMR. MMR is known as the matchmaking rate, which in reality controls the progress of your development in the game. So how does it work, and what does it do? Your MMR in the game determines whether or not you are placed in a match with people of your skill level. The MMR also determines whether you are ready to climb the ranking ladder of the game. To simplify, let’s use an example. The number of LPs lost and gained when you lose or win a game depends on your MMR. So, if you have a low MMR, you might gain 15 LPs by winning a match and lose 20 when you lose. That’s because the system doesn’t think you have already collected enough experience to move forward so "easily." So, to say briefly, a high MMR is really necessary and helps you reach the goal you have set for yourself much easier, as the system itself is "rooting for you." From there, the question of how to boost is very understandable and relatable to any player. How do you boost MMR?The answer to that question is not as easy as you might think, because the exact technique of how the MMR is calculated isn’t known even to us. Despite this, we can still come to the conclusion that it mainly depends on building a so-called winning streak. We understand that for gamers, League of Legends is connected with the unbearable excitement of winning and developing yourself, sometimes it isn’t easy to stop, especially when you lose a match and are so eager to improve the results. Even though we understand your excitement as gamers, we have some advice for you given the length of your winning streak. When you think that you are having a good day in gaming and that luck is on your side, continue playing as much as you can, but if you think it is the opposite, try to stop playing for a bit and just take some time. Otherwise, that eagerness might result in lowering your MMR, which you so desire. This looks easy at first, and some people even manage to control themselves, and with their great technique, they reach the MMR they want, but the others understand that maybe they just need a little help on their way to developing themselves as great players of LOL. At this point, the boosters come into view. How can we help you?            One way to achieve the desired MMR, get more wins, and improve is to focus on the fundamentals, which can be improved from the player's perspective. These can include things like improving gaming mechanic skills, making better decisions, having more mental stability, and so on. This is because, as time passes and the tension in the matches rises, it becomes much more difficult to notice the details and weaknesses that need to be addressed. If you are willing to seek assistance, we will be delighted to accompany you on your journey to the goals you have set for yourself but have yet to achieve. Behind every one of our services is the idea of getting more wins and gaining LPs (which is automatically connected to increasing the MMR), however, in different forms. Your experience will be led by highly experienced, hand-picked, top-tier professionals, regardless of the boost you choose. We will present you with some of our services to help you understand what kind of options you have for increasing your MMR in the process.For example, by using a solo boost service, we mean that our client grants us access to his or her profile and places their trust in our experts to achieve their desired ranking. The Net Wins service is provided to you if you have already calculated the exact number of wins required to achieve the goal you've set for yourself and are looking for a dependable and safe elo boost service that works quickly. Duo boost technique is another popular elo boost service among League of Legends players. The procedure is quite simple and extremely beneficial. You tell us what rank you want to achieve, and a professional from our team will assist you along the way by playing alongside you, supporting you, and having your back in matches. As you can see, the differences between boosting strategies allow each player to find the exact service they are looking for.We do understand that it might be confusing to you as we have presented you with the elo boost services when you are looking for an MMR boost but let us explain. At this point, the League of Legends game proves one more time how complex and at the same time satisfying its system is. The statistics that are derived from your results are inextricably linked. We help you boost your Elo, get to the rank you desire, which means that we are trying to win as many games as possible and lose none. This itself describes the process of increasing your MMR. So, don’t be scared of different terminologies in the description, we at Elounion are right here to help with any issue you might have. Trust us and give us a try. 

  • 06.01.2023

    Is Coaching worth it in League of Legends?

     Why do we turn to coaching services? Perhaps we should really begin by establishing precisely why you require the coach. Considering that League of Legends is not exactly an easy game, you should be ready for some difficulties. It has over 140 champions with which you can make epic plays, but the variety also makes the game extremely difficult to master. Although reaching new heights may initially seem simple, consistently progressing requires a lot of effort. You will need to consistently improve your skills if you want to reach an honorable status in that universe. In addition to the game itself, the system on which it is built contains intricate statistics that affect the player's experience. As former beginner players of LOL ourselves we do understand how overwhelming and sometimes tiring it can get.When playing the game turns into something more than a hobby, it means you are prepared for sleepless nights in front of the computer to get there. The player must examine everything, concentrate on his or her fundamentals, learn new techniques, evaluate whether they fit, and steadily wait for the update of their rankings. Of course, it is possible to get to the desired level on your own. However, getting there can be made easier with some outside assistance. from someone who is eager to assist you in completing your own journey in the game and has already completed his own. What is a coach's job?To better understand coaching, think about some of the ways the coach can help. The coach will put in a lot of effort to help you perform better in the game. It's hard to notice some of your mistakes or skills that could have been better when you're in the middle of a game, thinking about possible strategies, and just trying to win. You won't have to worry about it because the coach on the sidelines will be watching your every move throughout the game. He or she will be able to assist you more effectively in moving forward if they are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. The coach will "force" you to focus solely on the skills and training required to win the game, so you won't have to worry about being clueless and unproductive. In order to win as many matches and tournaments as possible, they will come up with plans and study their rivals. Naturally, they will also motivate you by giving you a sense of purpose and making you feel proud of what you're doing. Is coaching worth it?The apprehension and reluctance to trust a coach is completely understandable given the significance of the position they play and the money you invest in them. A good coach must be extremely prepared and quick-thinking. The coaches must be able to construct a system that will meet the needs of the client and, if necessary, modify it to do so. Before teaching the so-called "students" the key values that should be prioritized, the coach must first discover and identify them. At the same time, they need to carefully plan out the environment in which the team and a customer will work in order to make it beneficial to growth in both situations. Discipline should not be overlooked and must be strictly adhered to throughout the training process, even though the coach may occasionally play a caring role. However, the coach must still be someone the clients respect and honor. Therefore, the coach should not necessarily become a friend of yours; rather, he or she should serve as a mentor to you as you strive to become the best version of yourself in the game and achieve the best results possible. Additionally, the coach needs to be aware that not every client will require the same learning method. While some customers might not be able to learn and train at the rate you would like, this does not mean you should give up on them. In order to assist a client in the most effective manner, a coach needs to be skilled and patient. The ability to correctly observe the game is another aspect that the coach should be aware of. Not only should coaches observe whether a player does well in the game or makes mistakes; they also ought to be able to individually address the client's strengths and weaknesses. The coaching that is led by the person who has already developed all the abilities listed above will surely be able to bring out the best gamer in you.Once again, we do understand that you might have some issues trusting the coach, and even if it’s a good one, is it really worth it in the end? Just consider all the opportunities you might have, as soon as you are able to improve every little detail in your gaming in no time with one of our couches. We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by how much progress you can make with just one so-called coaching session. We ourselves are sure of it, considering the fact that each member of our team is carefully chosen and truly is a professional in his or her field.So, to summarize it, at Elounion the coaching service will be very profitable for you. Choosing what to work on and what will be useful for improvement can be extremely difficult and stressful without specific knowledge of the game and strategy. Since everyone's path to success is unique, our coaches possess the knowledge and communication skills necessary to tailor their services to each client. As a result, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy the game and accomplish all of your objectives without having to worry about the tiniest details because that will be our job, and we will be happy to do so.

  • 06.01.2023

    Where to get a League of Legends Coach?

     Why do you need a coach? Where can I get a League of Legends coach? But at first, maybe let’s start by clarifying what it is that you need this coach for. There are millions of people who are playing League of Legends, and it sure is a large number considering that LOL isn’t really an easy game. To achieve an honorable status in that universe, you must consistently put effort into developing and improving your skills. Besides the game itself, the system on which the game is built contains complex statistics that influence the experience of the gamer. Trust us, we ourselves have been there and understand that mastering every aspect of the game can be really difficult and even overwhelming sometimes.If you start to play League of Legends seriously, that means you are ready to spend sleepless hours by the computer to actually get there. The player has to look through everything and concentrate on his or her fundamentals, master new techniques, consider if it fits, and steadily walk up the ladder of the rankings. You must think that it’s possible if you really want it and we agree, but the journey to your desired goal can be simplified with some help from the outside. From the person who has already completed his own journey in the game and is ready and happy to help you complete yours. This is the coach, that we have talked about. What does a coach do?Consider some of the aspects in which the coach may be useful to grasp the concept of coaching. The coach is going to work hard to improve your game performance. When you're in the middle of a match and already thinking about the strategies you might employ and simply trying to win, it's difficult to notice some of your mistakes or skills that could have been improved. Well, the coach on the sidelines will be observing your every step during the match, so you won’t have to worry about it. Knowing your weaknesses and strengths will make it easier for him or her to assist you in moving forward. You won't have to worry about being clueless and unproductive during the game because the coach will "force" you to concentrate solely on the skills and training required to win. They will devise strategies and conduct competitor analysis in order to win as many matches and tournaments as possible. Naturally, they will also serve as a motivator, providing you with a sense of purpose and instilling pride in what you are doing. Where can I find a good coach?The concern and hesitation about trusting a coach are really understandable, because the role of a coach is very important, especially considering the finances that you invest in him or her. A good coach must be very well prepared and must think fast and cleverly. The coaches need to be able to build up the system that will be suitable for the customer and, when necessary, change it again, considering the customer’s needs. The coach must identify and discover the key values that should be prioritized before teaching them to the so-called students. At the same time, they have to carefully organize the environment in which a customer or customers as the team will be operating so that it will be beneficial and useful for development in both situations. Even though the coach may play a caring role at times, he or she must remain someone whom the clients respect and honor, so discipline should not be overlooked and must be strictly adhered to during the training process. So, the coach as a person shouldn’t necessarily become your friend, but rather the person who will assist you and play the role of mentor in your process of becoming the best version of yourself in the game and getting the best results that you are capable of. The coach should also understand that each client may require a very different learning system. Some clients may be unable to train and learn at the rate you prefer, but that does not mean you should abandon them. As a coach, you must be patient and skilled in order to find the most appropriate way to assist the client. Another aspect that the coach should understand is the ability to correctly watch the game. Coaches should not only observe whether the player makes mistakes or performs well in the game; they should also be able to identify the client's weaknesses and strengths and work on them individually.At Elounion, we take the process of coaching very seriously, and by choosing coaches for our team, we make sure that we actually choose the right person. We can assure you that every coach in the Elounion family is a true professional and expert in his or her field. All of our coaches have already developed the above-mentioned skills and are ready and delightful to help you individually or your team to lead you along the way to the goal that you are longing for. Our coaches have the knowledge and communication skills to tailor their services to each of our clients' needs, understanding that the path to success looks different for everyone. So, when you ask that important question, "Where to get a League of Legends coach?" we are really happy and proud to answer that you have found the right service for it. And so, we offer you the chance to enjoy the game and achieve as many goals as you’ve set without having to worry about every little detail, because that is going to be our job, which we will be happy to do.

  • 21.01.2023

    Why would you dodge a game?

    How does the game work?  Each match in the League of Legends universe can be very important. Perhaps not so much in the beginning because you are still learning and improving yourself, but as you progress toward higher rankings and mastery levels, for example, even one win or loss may be a dealbreaker. The thing is, even though your performance in the match mainly depends on your experience, skills, and all the work you put into the game, the League is still a team game. That means the outcome of the match may be at risk if your teammates are not serious about the game or just do not have the needed skills to win it. Some of them might be toxic or disruptive, and you just do not want to deal with them during the match. But how can you know all that beforehand? Unfortunately, you cannot and can only obtain information about your teammates and enemies in champion select lobbies. By their information, we mean, for example, that you see that your teammate picks a champion that he or she rarely plays with, so you think they are not very experienced with it. When you find out something disturbing while waiting for the match to start in the lobby, you may reconsider going to the battle arena with the other nine people. That is what the so-called dodging mechanism was invented for. To get better results, you need to contact us and try League of Legends (lol) coaching.  Penalties for dodgingTo avoid a game in League of Legends (LOL), simply decline the matchmaking queue when it appears. If you have already accepted the queue and wish to avoid the game, you may do so by exiting the match before it begins. Of course, this action does not go unnoticed. The whole game would have been much easier if you could just play the matches, you are comfortable with. Riot does not enjoy making tasks easier for gamers. Each dodged game may result in a penalty. Dodging a game may result in a penalty, such as an LP (League Points) loss or a temporary ban from matchmaking. This can have an adverse effect on your overall ranking and progress in the game. To better understand the risk, let us look at the penalties for dodging in Solo or Flexed Ranked Queue. For one dodge, you are punished with a 6-minute queue penalty and -3 League Points (LP). For two dodges, a 30-minute queue penalty and a -10 LP are imposed. For 3+ dodges: 720-minute (12-hour) queue penalty and a -10 LP.  Changes by RiotSo even though you might find it profitable in some situations to dodge whenever you want, it might get in the way of your developing and moving up the ranking ladder considering the continuous loss of the League Points. Because of that, you should really think about whether it is better to use the given opportunity and wait for a better team or a weaker enemy. Well, you should not think about that anymore, given the latest update to the game. Riot has decided that the names of LOL summoners should be hidden in champion select lobbies. "We think the best version of League is not one where you metagame based on the players in your lobby, weigh who's on a win or loss streak or playing a different champion, and dodge or pressure others to dodge when your setup doesn't meet perfect conditions," Riot Games stated. This change may not have been so pleasant for some players, but it was generally made to reduce the toxicity and create the most comfortable environment for the gamers.Even though the new restriction has already been launched in the game, some players are still able to see the names of other players in the lobby with the help of some programs that can be set during the game. Considering this possibility, all the risks and penalties that we have discussed above still apply. Maybe they apply even more, because Riot is clearly watching League of Legends players' behavior. As a result, developers have begun to crack down hard on dodgers. Should you dodge?In conclusion, it is important to remember that the best way to improve your lol rank and performance in the game is to play consistently and practice your skills. You won’t always have the choice to play with and against who you want, so naturally it is better to gain the experience and improve your game even when the environment does not help you with it. Of course, there may be some emergency situations in which you just have to dodge, but other than that, it may be better to just try and do your best while dealing with the uncomfortable situation. However, when you are already playing with a high ranking and are very near the goal you have set for yourself, and even one loss can determine whether you reach it or not, it really is understandable to dodge one game. Just remember that while dodging a game may be very tempting in certain circumstances, it can also result in some serious penalties such as a loss of LP (League Points) or a temporary ban from matchmaking as said. We believe it will become even more strictly regulated in the future, so perhaps avoid it unless it is a necessary action that will bring you far more profit than the amount of damage that can be brought. 

  • 24.01.2023

    Dota 2 or League of Legends?

     Frequently asked question The gaming world has certainly developed in recent years, given the growing interest in it and the natural development of technologies. Considering the variety of games offered in this field, some people find it difficult to decide which one would be the right choice. One of the most discussed topics in that aspect is: Dota 2 or League of Legends? Which is better? Even though we understand that the decision is entirely dependent on the gamer's personal preferences, we will provide information about both games so that you can make an informed decision. About Dota 2Dota was created by Valve and is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) computer game in which two groups of five players start competing to tear down the opposing team's "Ancient" structure while also defending their own. The team that destroys each other's ancient first wins. Originally, Dota 2 was released as a mod for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and only after that did it become a game of its own.Each of the players has their own hero, with whom they build the strategy for the game. These heroes have a variety of gameplay styles as well as skills. Each hero is created to fulfill a specific role in the game, such as mid-lane, carry, off-lane, roaming support, and hard support. Heroes are leveled up to a maximum of 30 and strengthened with experience points, which unlock or improve their abilities. Killing enemy players, destroying towers, and eliminating creep all earn you experience points. These are the NPCs that populate the map's top, middle, and bottom lanes. Similarly, this will grant you gold, which you can spend during the game on items that will boost your stats and grant you special abilities. About League of LegendsRiot Games' League of Legends is one of the world's most popular video games. It includes a competitive team-based game mode based on strategy and outplaying opponents. Players work together to break the enemy Nexus before the other team does. It also has a strong emphasis on team play, and is known for its vibrant and active community. LoL also has a large player base and a thriving esports scene, with several professional leagues and large tournaments. League of Legends is a highly complex game that allows players to progress in a variety of ways. It has more than 140 different champions, which enable you to build different kinds of techniques in the battles depending on which champion you choose. As a experienced team, we offer some boosting and coaching services, like League of Legends coaching lol coaching and League of legends mastery boost lol champion boosting. DifferencesAlthough they appear to be similar, League and Dota 2 are two entirely different games that only share basic gameplay mechanics, map design, and general game objectives. Because Riot and Valve chose different gameplay styles, the laning phase in particular differs between the two. Skillshots are a great example of gameplay differentiation. In League of Legends, for example, many Champions have skillshots (when a player uses an ability and manually aims it at the enemy), allowing them to poke at the enemy team's health bars from a distance. If a Champion's health is low, he or she can use a map-wide skillshot to try to kill the enemy, but this requires some knowledge of how your enemy is moving on the map. On the contrary, in Dota 2, most heroes' skillshots are not as common. Many abilities in certain roles/positions rely on activation and then clicking on the enemy for them to work without the need to manually aim.There is also a distinction between purchasing items in those games. The courier in Dota 2 allows heroes to stay in their lane throughout the game. The Courier is a mobile shop that you can buy items from and have them delivered to your hero in the lane by the Courier. When a hero reaches level five, it transforms into a flying courier, which has increased movement and speed and unlocks more abilities as the game progresses. However, in League of Legends, there is no such thing as couriers, so players must recall back or run back to base if they need new items from the shop. Some might consider this difference in favor of Dota 2, but it can actually be seen in different ways. We ourselves think that this detail makes League of Legends a bit harder, considering that you should move around a lot on the map in the sight of your enemies, which for some is more interesting and exciting in a way. Despite their similarities, there are also a few key differences to be found in the game mechanics between the two games. In LoL, for example, a champion can turn and move instantly when the player right clicks; however, in Dota 2, players must wait for the animation of the hero rotating to play before the movement occurs.Even though there are some minor differences that we have talked about, you actually only know which is the right one for you when you experience them yourself. Well, naturally, we ourselves prefer League of Legends in terms of gaming style, graphics, all the options, the development that you’re offered in the game, etc., but of course we understand that each person has individual specific interests, and maybe some find Dota 2 more suitable for them, but if you trust us, we believe that the League of Legends universe is not something you would want to miss out on. 

  • 25.02.2023

    How to improve League Points gain?

     Got questions about the game? League of Legends is not like every online game. The game’s complexity makes it understandable that gamers have questions about some details every now and then. That occurs especially in beginners, but even those who have already made some progress in the LOL universe might not understand everything clearly. Well, to solve those misunderstandings, Elounion will be happy to explain all the complex details and help you move forward in the game you enjoy. To be clear, the main development in the League depends on the gain of LP (League Points) and, naturally, that also brings out one of the most asked questions, which is: How to improve League Points gain? Coaching service for LP gainIn the initial stage, you have to understand that League of Legends is not an easy game, and the gamers that have mastered their techniques haven’t achieved that in just one day. To gain League Points, you have to win as many games as possible, to do that you have to work on your strategy, your timing, and your skills, and finally, to do that, you have to show a lot of patience because it takes time. The path to gaining LP quickly may be long and difficult. If you think you are not willing to walk that road alone, think about the services that we will be happy to offer you.  Do you want to enjoy playing the game while putting your best performance out there, but just don’t know what to work on? Check out our Coaching service, which will be the best experience led by professionals from our team in the most comfortable environment ever. The benefits of coaching start to show after just one practice and make it easier to see the progress you are making. Coaches are people who know how to watch someone play and, in the meantime, notice all the strengths and weaknesses, all the details about someone’s game, and immediately plan the strategy that will improve the gaming experience for the customers. If you believe you are ready for our guidance, which we guarantee will be pleasant and profitable for you throughout the process, please check out our coaching service here. Check out Duo BoostThat is not where our offers end. If the coaching service is not that suitable for you, there’s still something else you might consider. To help you gain League Points easily, we suggest that one of our team members plays every match with you. That is known by the name of the duo boost. What does it help that someone is in the game alongside me, you might ask, but that actually makes quite a difference. Someone will be there to always have your back, maybe defend you and even give you some pieces of advice during the game. So, the boosting process will also contain a part of coaching in itself if you’ll show some interest in it. Look into the description of the duo boost service on Elounion’s website and decide for yourself if that’s what you have been looking for. Solo Boost serviceWe understand that the process of chasing League Points can become tiresome and exhausting at times. That’s when you just can’t find it in yourself at that specific moment to put hours of sleepless nights into it and just need some help from the other side. We’ve got a solution for that case too. The solo boost service is a process in which our customers give our team access to their League profile. The work put into solo boost is completed simply by handing over the account. Our professionals take care of the rest and make sure that when we return it, it has already been taken to the level that you desire. Naturally, League Points are gained in that process, since the LP determines your ranking in the game. So other than gaining Points you also get the title that you have set as a goal for yourself. It might sound tricky that we are in control of your account but be calm and trust us with it because it’s in our own interests to not share any of your private information or chat with your friends while playing. So, when it comes to services, solo boost is as simple as it gets if you want to increase your League Points as soon as possible.So, to summarize, we as gamers ourselves have gone through all the difficulties you might bump into as a League of Legends player on the way to mastering the game, and that’s exactly why we are willing to help you make it all much easier and more pleasant. The Elounion team will help you gain those desired League Points in the quickest and most comfortable way, which is individualized for each customer, and you will be choosing it for yourself. Don’t miss out on that and check out all the services here.

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    Which champion type suits you the best?

     How do you choose the right champion? Finding a way to fully enjoy the experience in the game is never an easy task, especially when we are talking about games with such a variety of champions as League of Legends. To this day, there are 162 unique characters available for all players. The unique word in that is "best" and at the same time "worst," considering that the differences between champions make it even harder to find the one that suits you the most. As former players, we have gone a long way to find the champion, maybe even two or more, that help get the best performance and the most fun in the game. Want to know how? Elounion is here to give you a hand in that matter. The roles of champions in the gameEven though you may be waiting for a straightforward answer to the desired question, unfortunately, that is not how it all goes. Finding the most suitable champion requires a lot of patience on the player's side. At first, you should figure out what role you would like to play on the battlefield. In the League of Legends universe, the roles are mainly divided into six parts. Let’s start with an Assassin, who is a swift champion who specializes in eliminating or crippling high-value targets. Assassins are opportunistic hunters who look for favorable moments within a fight before jumping into the fray, focusing on infiltration, deception, and mobility. The next role is known by the name of Marksman. A marksman attacks from a distance, and their abilities are primarily used to maintain safe positioning and provide additional firepower. Then, the Fighters are a diverse group of short-ranged combatants who excel at both dealing and surviving damage. If you are willing to work on maximizing damage from skill combos, you may want to look into the role of the Mage. Mages are known for their long-range, ability-based area of effect damage and crowd control. They use all of these abilities in tandem to trap and destroy enemies from afar. The Support role may seem less important to beginners, but that is not true. People playing in the support role are those who manipulate the battlefield through means other than brute force. They are frequently in charge of directing map control and providing vision through wards. Without a good gamer in support, there won’t be a necessity for the other roles’ players in the battle. Last but not least, we have the role of the tanks. While tanks can engage enemies in combat, their primary purpose is to disrupt enemies and divert attention to themselves, allowing them to lock down specific targets (or several targets at once) and remove (or peel) threats from their allies.How can Elounion help?Now that you know the roles of the champions that you should consider while choosing the right one, it must be a little bit easier, but the hard work doesn’t end here. As said, there are currently 162 different champions with more to come, and there are six roles on the field, which we have already discussed. This naturally leads to the fact that several champions are being considered for a specific role. Other than that, as to complicate things the Riot has created the champions, so that one champion, if played the right way, can be used in playing several roles in the battle. So, after all the explaining, we are back at the initial stage: which champion do I choose? Well, that is the most interesting process. You get the chance to test and build strategies with all the champions you want. You can use the skills and combos, that are developed for those and see which champion can help you show your strengths and hide your weaknesses. To figure that out, first, the gamers themselves have to know their skills in the game, and noticing all that is not always easy. That is from your own perspective, but when there is someone watching your game from the sidelines, it becomes simpler. We, as Elounion, offer you a chance that will lead you to the right choice. The coaching service that we have worked on contains a professional from our team helping you get better at the game. That is a very short description of the process. If you still haven’t decided on the champion, with whom you will go along the way of mastering the game, the coach will be the person, who helps you test out all the best characters most suitable for you, considering your abilities. That way, in the end, you will be able to experience LOL gaming on a new level, where the performance you show will strictly depend on the work you put into it and not on the unsuitable combination of your and the champion’s skills. If you are ready for that change, be sure to check out our coaching service here. We will be happy to help you experience the League with the right champion, the same way we do.

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     Familiar nickname As a person interested in the League of Legends universe, you probably have previously heard of the name Faker. Lee Sang-hyeok known by his pseudonym Faker has been recognized as Messi, and Kobe Bryant in gaming. He is 26 years old and still professionally playing the League, but let’s start with the main question: How has it all begun? Which way led him to such success?Faker was born in Seoul, South Korea on May 7, 1996. He grew up in the city of Gangseo and started playing video games at a young age. To be exact, he started playing while still in high school. The interest of Lee in gaming initially started by playing Starcraft but eventually, he chose LOL as his main passion, as the game was released in 2009. He quickly developed a reputation as a highly-skilled player. He played on several amateur teams and gained attention for his exceptional mechanical skill and game sense.In 2013, Faker was recruited by the South Korean team SK Telecom T1 as their mid-laner. At that point, he was already so experienced and talented, that it was decided to build the team around him being the mid-laner, which means a lot. He made his professional debut at the OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013 tournament and immediately impressed everyone with his play, leading SK Telecom T1 to win the tournament. That tournament was really a turning point in his career because his skills and amazing game strategies were finally shown on a global stage. The team, not without the help of Faker, has become the people’s favorite, and they have been sent to the League’s world championship that same year. Faker once again crushed the competition, and the team put up a new record, which was a game finished with a score of 15-3. The culmination of the championship naturally happened in the finals, when Faker’s team won a "one-sided" match, scoring 3-0 against the team called bullets. So now a 17-year-old Lee Sang- hyeok already wore the title of the world champion alongside his teammates. Other than that title, his brilliant and skillful play throughout the whole season earned him the honor of being called the best LOL player both by the fans and the critics.To briefly describe Faker’s experience in the 2014 season, let’s just say it wasn’t the year of his team. Even though he once again proved his title of the best gamer in the League universe, later in the season, because of some difficulties inside the walls of his team, that being his teammate stepping back because of some health conditions, the team and so the Faker himself didn’t get a chance to join the world championship. That little fall in the previous season didn’t get in his way of getting to the world championship in the 2015 season. It may have even motivated him and his teammates more, so that year Faker became one of the three people who have won the world championship twice. (The other two were Faker’s coach and his teammate.) Even at that desired record, the success of Faker in the League didn’t stop. In 2016, the team won the world championship for the third time, and he is still one of two people with three world titles as of 2023. He has also been named the MVP of numerous tournaments and has received many individual accolades for his performances. He was also the first to become player to reach 2,000 kills in the LCK (League of Legends Championship Korea), as well as the first to have played 700 games and won 500 of them. Many of the beginners and even the professional players of the League have asked the same question: How is Faker so good? How has he achieved such success?The answer to those questions won’t be that easy to explain, it sure contains lots of aspects. To start from the beginning, it must be acknowledged that, as said, Faker has been playing the game ever since it has been released. That means that he may be one of the most experienced in the game. He has worked on his techniques and gaming style since 2009. His natural talent to it also can’t be overlooked. His instincts, reactions, and amazing ability to foresee his opponent’s each move have helped him on his way to all his winnings.  However, it was his dedication to training mixed with his talents, that has made him such a professional. Faker has a rigorous training schedule that includes practicing for hours each day, reviewing gameplay footage, and constantly analyzing his performance to identify areas where he can improve. In addition to his technical skills, Faker is also known for his strategic thinking. He has a deep understanding of the game and is able to anticipate his opponents' moves and make split-second decisions based on that. Another important factor in his success must be the way he can maintain calm and the ability to think logically even under the pressure, which naturally occurs during the championships. To be honest, that might be the most common problem among gamers, but as we see, Faker has overcome it by beating it with his experience and knowledge. In addition to all that, Faker is known for his capacity to play multiple champions at an extremely high level, making it difficult for opponents to counter him. He is best known for playing LeBlanc, Zed, Syndra, Azir, Ahri, and Ryze in the mid-lane.To summarize all that, Faker is really a true Legend in the League world and in the esports world globally. He has inspired countless players around the world and has helped elevate eSports to the status of a legitimate and respected profession. It has also helped to bring attention to the growing popularity of esports and has paved the way for future generations of players, which we will always be thankful for.

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    Is Elounion safe?

     Is Elounion safe? – Yes, it is. Elounion is completely safe for your use.There are many aspects people try to consider before finally deciding on the boosting services. We understand that the question of safety might pop up about our services as well, but there is nothing you will have to worry about. The main goal of our team is to build the most trustworthy platform for customers in need and putting your faith in us will be the start of an amazing journey in your progressive experience in the League of Legends universe. What are the risks of using boosting services? The boosting services are specifically provided to help gamers along the way to their main goal, but some significant risks may occur when provided by unreliable platforms, that don’t have customers’ best interests in mind. Even though these won’t happen while working with us, let’s roll over those possible risks. We have to start with Riot’s terms of service, which include that boosting is punishable, meaning the account might be banned. Other than the fact of using the services, the League universe has become so sensitive to all details, that it may be pretty easy to get banned. Having a customer’s account means getting access to the chat and all the contacts. Writing a curse or something offensive to a teammate or an enemy you are playing with is against the policy and automatically results in a ban from gaming. The idea of trusting someone you don’t personally know with that much power on your account is quite uncomfortable. There even have been cases, where some boosting services have intentionally used that power after clients have delayed payments several times. Publishing information about using boosting is also quite uncomfortable for some people in their private lives, thinking that they might lose the respect of fellow teammates and gamers, even though it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Still, the uncertainty resulting from that might be unbearable for some clients. Well, Elounion with our team alongside is here to take those risks to the minimum and create a process, that will be pleasant and profitable in all the ways possible. We understand that there may be many reasons why you decide to seek our help, but we don't ask many questions. We simply concentrate on our goal, which is to assist you when you need it. What measures do we take to enable your safety?Keeping the identity behind the computer anonymous is mostly the main goal for gamers using our services. Some people tend to hide that fact, which we fully understand. Considering that, the "yes" answer might not be very satisfying for you, so let’s dig deeper into it and explain the methods we use to keep Elounion services the safest and most comfortable for each client. Let’s start by defining, that our team uses the most developed safety technologies for our boosting services like Solo-, Duo- and Mastery boost. We are foreseeing the possibility that the origins of our clients might be different from the places where we are operating and so we have specialized VPN for that matter. Other than the obvious methods we try to take into consideration all little details. For example, we make sure that the common summoner spells command in the game is used by the same keycaps. If you have been playing with the spell command on F and not D, we will do the same, so the possibility of detecting any interference from our boosting specialists is so low that it goes unnoticed. We have also talked about the banning from gaming, for using the chat function inappropriately. As former gamers as well, we understand the concern about that fact and we keep it in our policy, that the chat is turned off, while our team members are playing with your account. That way, there is no chance that some unpleasant situation occurs and leads to a punishment from Riot. Other than keeping your safety untouchable, it will negatively reflect on the general trust in our services, which is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve in this field.To summarize all of that, we once again promise you, that deciding on boosting services from Elounion is the safest choice of all. It is in our best interests to keep your private information safe, as well as the reputation of our platform. You don’t have to be afraid and await the slightest possibility that your account will be used for anything other than improving your progress in LOL. Even considering the case discussed above, when the boosters have used some form of "punishment" because of the delayed payments, that is not something you have to worry about while working with us. Elounion is all about the trust that you put in us, and that trust won’t ever be betrayed. That is the promise we can make, and we can assure you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Check out the multiple safe services we are offering right here.

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    What is Teamfight Tactics?

     What is Teamfight Tactics? – Teamfight Tactics is a popular auto-battle game mode released by Riot Games in 2019 and to which a lot of people refer as a League of Legend's Chess. The game mode received the status of a standalone application for iOS and Android in 2020. Being a part of the League of Legends society, you probably have previously heard about the TFT abbreviation. Let’s go over all the questions and the whole concept regarding the Teamfight Tactics game and start from the beginning. Already today, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is a popular auto-battle game mode within the League of Legends universe, which we are very familiar with, but TFT is slightly different. It has also been referred to as "LOL chess." In TFT, players assemble a team of champions and strategically position them on a game board to battle against other players' teams. The goal is to eliminate all other players and be the last player standing. What is special about TFT?The game has attracted the interest not only of League fans but of newcomers to this universe as well. Even though you must beware that the game is not that easy to pick up and master in the short term, if you are planning to commit to it, it will be worth it. As said, people have called the game LoL chess, and they weren’t wrong; the game is quite intelligent like chess. It is mainly dependent on the strategies that you, as a gamer, plan for the team of champions that you have chosen. It must be said that here comes one of the main differences between the League and its game mode, TFT. The strategy is also a game changer during the battles in League of Legends, but the reflexes that you need to develop are also quite important. Well, if you can’t seem to master those quick reflexes to the level that you desire, it won’t be that much of a problem in Teamfight Tactics, considering that it actually is an auto-battle game. So while playing TFT and trying to win, you have to stay mostly focused on the strategies. There are unlimited choices of strategies in each battle that you can lead your team to victory with, so you will have to adapt and analyze different situations to come out successful every time. That might be a difficulty in someone’s eyes, but that’s actually what makes the game so challenging and interesting for those who understand the main purpose of the TFT game and have fun playing it. TFT is an extremely pleasurable game because each game is distinct thanks to the random factor in the game. Additionally, TFT offers players the opportunity to showcase their innovative abilities while constructing their teams. TFT is ideal for gamers who are analytical and have a creative mindset. If you don’t consider yourself one, do not give up on the game and give it a try, since it will help you work on developing some skills that, in your opinion, you may seek. Anyway, your TFT experience will be fun and colorful for you thanks to the developers who have built it, so it doesn’t get boring and tiring at any time. Is TFT an eSport?Some may not take Teamfights Tactics that seriously, considering it just a game mode of the "main game", the League, but the TFT game itself has gained an enormous fanbase that has taken the game to the next level. Even to this day, its popularity still rises, and TFT has been officially named the number one strategy game in the world by the president of Esports himself. Speaking of eSports, TFT hasn’t been unheard of in that field either. In the esports world, TFT has its own professional circuit, with players and teams competing in various tournaments and leagues around the world. The TFT competitive scene is structured around a series of online and offline events, including qualifiers, regional and international championships, and the TFT World Championship. Professional players compete for prize pools, fame, and recognition, and some have even become full-time streamers and content creators. Well, just like other eSports, TFT requires a high level of skill, strategic thinking, and teamwork. Players must not only have a deep understanding of the game mechanics and champion synergies but also be able to adapt quickly to the continuously changing meta and unpredictable RNG (random number generator) elements. All in all, TFT esports have a bright future ahead of them and are already a part of an exciting and rapidly growing field. Elounion and TFTWe have previously "warned" you that the Teamfights Tactics game isn’t as easy to master as it may seem, but playing the game after mastering it to the point where you are just having fun and not stressing about some things, brings such joy that lots of people decide to put hard work into improving their experiences. Sometimes working on that isn’t going really well on your own, and as former gamers, we truly understand that. Well, if you are looking for some help, Elounion is ready to give you a hand. We offer you our boosting and coaching services for a better experience in the TFT as well as in the League of Legends universe. We make sure of it: no matter which service you choose (solo boost, duo boost, coaching), the outcome will be the best, and the process of getting there will be held in an environment most pleasant for our client. Check out our services for Teamfights Tactics right here; make sure you choose the one most suitable and comfortable for you and let Elounion lead you on your way to success. 

  • 19.03.2023

    What is Valorant?

      What’s Valorant about? If you have been into the gaming world for a while, you have probably noticed the variety of games Riot is working on for the public. We’ve got League of Legends, which is an online battle arena; they also designed Teamfight Tactics, an auto-battle game; and so on. The company hasn’t forgotten to develop a game for lovers of first-person shooter video games. Valorant officially gained the title Riot shooter game.  It was released in June 2020 and has since gained a large following among gamers.In Valorant, players are split into two teams of five and take turns attacking and defending a bomb site. The attacking team must plant a bomb at one of the two designated sites, while the defending team must prevent them from doing so or defuse the bomb if it has already been planted. Each round lasts for one minute and forty seconds, and the first team to win 13 rounds wins the match. The agents in ValorantPlayers can choose from various characters known as "agents," each with unique abilities that can be used to gain an advantage over the opposing team. The agents are split into four categories: Duelist, Controller, Sentinel, and Initiator.Duelists are the most aggressive agents and excel in one-on-one combat. They are designed to take control of the game and win fights. Controllers, on the other hand, specialize in creating obstacles and denying areas to the opposing team. They can manipulate the battlefield by creating walls of smoke or blinding enemies with flashes of light.Sentinels are the support characters in Valorant, and they are best suited for defending a particular area or teammate. They can heal their teammates, provide cover, and detect enemy activity. Initiators are agents that can scout the enemy team, gather information, and create opportunities for their team to strike.In addition to agents, players can purchase weapons and equipment using in-game currency earned through kills, rounds won, or planted bombs. The game also features a ranked mode, which allows players to compete for higher ranks and recognition, which makes the game more challenging and exciting in a way. Is Valorant worth playing?Naturally, the answer to the question is individual for each person, but from our side, we would like to explain some reasons that definitely make Valorant worth playing with and spending hours on. The most outstanding and interesting aspect of Valorant is that the game offers a unique gameplay experience that combines tactical first-person shooting with agent abilities, making each match feel fresh and exciting. The game's mechanics and design are well-balanced, and the gameplay is challenging but rewarding. Other than that, the game has a strong competitive scene, which can be a significant draw for many players. We have already mentioned the ranked mode of the game above, but it is also important in this case, considering that it provides a platform for players to test their skills against other players and climb the leaderboards, which leads to a feeling of eagerness. It should also be said that the game has a vibrant and active community, which can enhance the player's experience. The game has various modes, maps, and agents to choose from, and the community regularly shares tips, tricks, and strategies that players can use to improve their gameplay. Last but not least, Riot Games has always shown support for the games, regularly releasing updates to improve the player experience. This dedication to the game's development ensures that the game remains fresh and relevant for the players. It’s been not that long since Valorant has been released—only three years—but it should be noticed that the excitement towards the game is still as genuine as if Riot had just published it today. Is Valorant an eSport?Considering all the good qualities of the game and the growing following of gamers, it should not be a surprise that it has made its debut in the eSports field. Valorant Esports is currently one of the most popular and successful esports in the world. Riot Games has made significant investments in the competitive scene, providing a multi-tiered esports structure with regional and international tournaments. The game has drawn several high-profile esports organizations, as well as many professional players and teams that compete in various tournaments and leagues. Furthermore, the game has a devoted fan base that closely follows the competitive scene and cheers on their favorite players and teams. The game has already achieved such successes as the winner of the best eSports game in 2022 and is continuing to develop in that aspect. As to gamers who would like to participate in Valorant eSport, there are naturally particular skills they have to work on. Other than the ability to be a sharpshooter, you’ll need to master qualities like working in a team, having great game sense, communication skills, and advanced knowledge of the map. Getting to that level might be hard, but it eventually gets you to the point where you get to fully enjoy the process of gaming and even turns your hobby into a job you have fun doing. Elounion and ValorantWe’ve mentioned that getting to the level of mastering Valorant isn’t that easy, considering all the detailed skills you have to develop toward that goal. Some people tend to ask for help at that moment when they can’t go on improving their experience in the game on their own. That is when our services come in handy. The Elounion team has worked on the services that are specialized for each individual customer. If you are ready for that experience, which will change your way of viewing the game and make your progress much easier, make sure to check out our services of Solo Boost, Duo Boost, and Coaching in Valorant. Each one is designed and sets the goal so that the process is held in the most comfortable environment and gets you to the desired outcome in the shortest time. Put your trust in us, and we will make sure it won’t ever be betrayed.