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How to boost your MMR (Matchmaking Rating) in League of Legends?

How to boost your MMR (Matchmaking Rating) in League of Legends?


Why do you need a high MMR?

 By playing League of Legends, each gamer has to understand the complexity of the statistics, which may not be so visible to you and hide behind the curtains, but each statistic has a very large influence on your experience in the LOL universe. Many players who start to treat the game as more than just a little hobby really dive into the system of the game and start to ask questions that will help them master the game. One of the questions is: "How to boost your MMR in League of Legends?" Considering the importance of this aspect, we understand your need to find the answer, but to make it easier, let’s simply start by defining the meaning behind MMR. MMR is known as the matchmaking rate, which in reality controls the progress of your development in the game. So how does it work, and what does it do? Your MMR in the game determines whether or not you are placed in a match with people of your skill level. The MMR also determines whether you are ready to climb the ranking ladder of the game. To simplify, let’s use an example. The number of LPs lost and gained when you lose or win a game depends on your MMR. So, if you have a low MMR, you might gain 15 LPs by winning a match and lose 20 when you lose. That’s because the system doesn’t think you have already collected enough experience to move forward so "easily." So, to say briefly, a high MMR is really necessary and helps you reach the goal you have set for yourself much easier, as the system itself is "rooting for you." From there, the question of how to boost is very understandable and relatable to any player.


How do you boost MMR?

The answer to that question is not as easy as you might think, because the exact technique of how the MMR is calculated isn’t known even to us. Despite this, we can still come to the conclusion that it mainly depends on building a so-called winning streak. We understand that for gamers, League of Legends is connected with the unbearable excitement of winning and developing yourself, sometimes it isn’t easy to stop, especially when you lose a match and are so eager to improve the results. Even though we understand your excitement as gamers, we have some advice for you given the length of your winning streak. When you think that you are having a good day in gaming and that luck is on your side, continue playing as much as you can, but if you think it is the opposite, try to stop playing for a bit and just take some time. Otherwise, that eagerness might result in lowering your MMR, which you so desire. This looks easy at first, and some people even manage to control themselves, and with their great technique, they reach the MMR they want, but the others understand that maybe they just need a little help on their way to developing themselves as great players of LOL. At this point, the boosters come into view.


How can we help you?            

One way to achieve the desired MMR, get more wins, and improve is to focus on the fundamentals, which can be improved from the player's perspective. These can include things like improving gaming mechanic skills, making better decisions, having more mental stability, and so on. This is because, as time passes and the tension in the matches rises, it becomes much more difficult to notice the details and weaknesses that need to be addressed. If you are willing to seek assistance, we will be delighted to accompany you on your journey to the goals you have set for yourself but have yet to achieve. Behind every one of our services is the idea of getting more wins and gaining LPs (which is automatically connected to increasing the MMR), however, in different forms. Your experience will be led by highly experienced, hand-picked, top-tier professionals, regardless of the boost you choose. We will present you with some of our services to help you understand what kind of options you have for increasing your MMR in the process.

For example, by using a solo boost service, we mean that our client grants us access to his or her profile and places their trust in our experts to achieve their desired ranking. The Net Wins service is provided to you if you have already calculated the exact number of wins required to achieve the goal you've set for yourself and are looking for a dependable and safe elo boost service that works quickly. Duo boost technique is another popular elo boost service among League of Legends players. The procedure is quite simple and extremely beneficial. You tell us what rank you want to achieve, and a professional from our team will assist you along the way by playing alongside you, supporting you, and having your back in matches. As you can see, the differences between boosting strategies allow each player to find the exact service they are looking for.

We do understand that it might be confusing to you as we have presented you with the elo boost services when you are looking for an MMR boost but let us explain. At this point, the League of Legends game proves one more time how complex and at the same time satisfying its system is. The statistics that are derived from your results are inextricably linked. We help you boost your Elo, get to the rank you desire, which means that we are trying to win as many games as possible and lose none. This itself describes the process of increasing your MMR. So, don’t be scared of different terminologies in the description, we at Elounion are right here to help with any issue you might have. Trust us and give us a try.