How much do elo boosters make?

How much do elo boosters make?


Not only a hobby

 Since its launch in 2009, the game League of Legends has contained in itself and given its players different possibilities. Other than being a hobby for so many people, it has also given some individuals the opportunity to make it their job. What is meant by that? How do you make money out of gaming? As it appears, it is possible to be compensated for doing something you thoroughly enjoy, and for us as gamers, that is playing in the League of Legends universe while also providing support to those in need through our gaming experience. What does it all mean? What are the people actually paid for? To understand that we should briefly explain what elo boosters do and why we actually need them.

League of Legends' complexity, which has been widely praised in the gaming community, has many layers. The developed ranking system is the most important aspect of this. To climb this system from the bottom to the top is not an easy adventure. As you go further up that ladder, the harder it gets to keep going. At first, winning seems easy, but later it becomes much more difficult. It can take so much time that some players just give up on it and maybe even quit. Some realize they simply can’t do it on their own and are ready to ask for some help, and some others somehow manage to master the game to the point that they even become able to teach it later. These last ones are called elo boosters, the same people who get paid for doing what they love.

What do elo boosters exactly do. There are different types of services that are led by elo boosters. To understand more clearly how this works, here are some of the services explained that you can find with us, on Elounion.


Different services

By using a solo boost service, for instance, we mean the procedure whereby a client grants us access to his or her profile and relies on our experts to help them rank as high as they want to. By accepting it, we obviously guarantee that you will be satisfied with the outcome because your ranking status will improve, regardless of how difficult the rank is or how long it might take. When you have already determined the precise number of wins required to accomplish the objective you have already set for yourself and are searching for a dependable, secure, and quick elo boost service, the Net Wins are offered to you. Another well-liked elo boost service among League of Legends players is the duo boost method. The procedure is very straightforward and helpful. A professional from our team will play alongside you, support you, and watch your back during the matches as you work toward the rank that you desire.

So now that you understand the job of elo boosters, you might be interested in learning how to become one. It can’t be that easy to get paid for playing, you might think. That thought is partly true. There are many qualifications a person must have to become an Elo booster and get paid for it. Whatever boost you choose from Elounion, your experience will be led by highly experienced, hand-picked, top-tier professionals. What do they have that the ordinary players don’t?

It's not as simple as it may seem to be able to play the role of a good booster, and your ability to do so is not solely dependent on your rank. You must possess not only general gaming skills but also the capacity for working in a team and communication. The secret to success is having a positive outlook and being able to communicate clearly. The booster cannot just be an expert player. Being a booster entails having the ability to inspire a player and facilitate movement in the desired direction. You might think that maybe these characteristics are important to the coaches but not so much to boosters, but that is not something we agree on. Our service is entirely based on our desire to assist clients in improving their gaming experience and skills. Even if you choose the solo boost service but have some questions in the process regarding playing strategies and techniques, our team member will be happy to answer those questions. To be able to do that in the best way possible, he has to know how to communicate correctly, which is something we work on.


Most important question

Well, it’s pretty understandable that the job of a booster looks pretty attractive and interesting for some serious gamers, but it doesn't go without the main question that is being asked very often. How much money do elo boosters actually make?

It is hard to say the exact numbers, but to slightly understand how it works, you have to know that the booster gets paid with a certain percentage of the money paid for some kind of service. We understand that the best way to demonstrate this is through numbers, so roughly, elo boosters are paid around $2,000 per month, which is higher than the average salary. Again, this is just an exemplary number, so, it can be lower or higher, depending on the performance of the booster. If he or she puts forth their best effort and leads as many services as they can, the number can get even higher.

To summarize, if you believe you have what it takes to be a member of our team, want to do what you love, get a well-deserved paycheck, and help other players who are just starting out in the League of Legends universe, please contact us via email, and if you are truly ready, we will be delighted to welcome you to our team.