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Is elo boost bannable?

Is elo boost bannable?


At first: Why do you need elo boost?

 People that have already started showing their interest in the game understand that the complexity of the game includes different kinds of player development. You must have heard of the famous LOL ranking system. It becomes available for people who have already reached level 30 in the game. These are the statuses that many players strive for on a regular basis. In the universe of League of Legends, there are currently nine ranks that exist. Each rank has a name and a specific icon, that it’s represented by. The ranks give information about the skill and experience of the players. The nine ranks are: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, Challenger. These days ELO meaning is equalized with the ranking system. Steadily growing your ELO in the game isn’t as easy as you might think, considering some other games. As always, LOL being a really complex game proves its name. The higher you get on the system, the harder it gets to achieve another status, but the emotional and psychological meaning behind being a highly ranked LOL player becomes so desirable that some individuals are ready to ask for help from professionals. That’s when the elo boost service appears in the picture.

 Elo, known as a rank position, as already said is one of the most enchanting parts of the competitive game in the gaming world. The higher it is, the better status you uphold in the community, thus billions of people around the world spend a lot of hours playing video games with the only on goal – to get better at something which they admire the most. Even though the game itself doesn't initially appear to be overly complicated, there are numerous minor details that play a huge role in consistently improving and moving up the ranking ladder. When someone asks naturally "how to elo boost and get better," he or she needs to focus on the fundamentals that can be made better on his or her end. These include things like enhancing decision-making abilities, mental stability, and gaming mechanics. The issue is that it gets harder to notice those details as the elo increases. We provide Solo League of Legends boosting and League of Legends duo boosting services with the best terms.


Can you be banned for elo boosting?

Even though it might sound very attractive, lots of people think very carefully before considering this type of service, given the question that is often asked in the League of Legend community: "Is elo boost bannable?".

The terms, that are provided by Riot consider that elo boosting can be banned. You might have even noticed some massive waves of bans that appear at the end of the season. These waves are directly related to the way Riot is attempting to eliminate cases of people "unfairly" attempting to climb the LOL ranking system. It became possible for Riot because of the new artificial intelligence that helps them detect some rapid changes by some of the players. We at Elounion are ready to help you reduce the risk of being banned to zero. The way to avoid it is actually quite simple. It surely depends on your will, but it might be safer if you are being careful about who you share the information with. Our team members at solo boost service themselves really care about the confidentiality of the process. As a result, it will be in our best interests if the Riot does not find out about the professional playing instead of you.

If you are still somehow afraid of the "punishment", you may consider the method of elo boosting that is called duo boost service. The meaning behind it is that you tell us the rank that you are trying to reach, and a professional from our team will help you along the way by playing next to you, supporting you and having your back in the matches. In that case it is practically impossible to be banned, because the person that you are playing with can simply be your friend. As a result, the Riot will be unable to prove that you are using an elo boost service.


Our point of view

From our side we understand that there might be a lot of reasons why you decide to ask for our help, but we don’t ask many questions. We simply concentrate on our goal, which we have set to be helping and improving the skills of our clients when they are in need. Even though some of our services include our professionals playing with your account, even during these processes we are open to any questions that you might have about some strategic moves or the skins, etc. These aspects are originally included in our coaching and duo boost services, but when you have found us and asked for our support, we’ll try to give you everything you desire. Of course, all of that also includes in itself the safety of your account. To the gamers having their accounts banned means a lot, and as gamers ourselves, we understand it very well. That is exactly why we are doing everything possible to keep your account secure from all sides. And to combine it all, Elounion helps you discover the services, that are beneficial for you, help you evolve as the player in League of Legends and cares about the safety of all the processes. The team members from ours side are working on and considering all the details, so that you will not have to worry about it additionally. Your account will not be banned if you follow the simple rules and hand the account to the people that only care about the improvement and evolution of their clients. We promise that Elounion is the best choice.