How to coach League of Legends?

How to coach League of Legends?


Competitive game

 League of Legends is one of the fastest growing online games in the world. The game is quite competitive and has a ranking system, in which players can see their actual ranks and their overall rating. Because of the wide skill discrepancy between low- and high-ranking players, certain individuals would like to improve their skills, and they may use methods such as coaching and mentoring in League of Legends.

 Considering the aforementioned facts, we, Elounion, decided to create a platform for the purpose of, but not limited to, answering these questions - how to coach League of Legends and how to get better while being coached.

 In games as competitive as League of Legends, you have to invest hours and hours of hard work to see the results. Some put their maximum effort into it, but just don’t seem to reach the goal they have been dreaming of, and they decide it is time to ask for some help. The others, in comparison, have reached a certain rank and feel ready to share their experience in order to help other players, so they are now wondering how to coach League of Legends. And by coaching, they let others relive the same success they have already achieved.


How to be a good coach

To be able to play a role of a good coach, is not as easy as it may seem, and it doesn’t only depend on the rank you have achieved. Aside from general gaming abilities, you must have developed communication skills and the ability to cooperate with your team. Teamwork, a good mental attitude, and the ability to convey information in a deliberate manner are the keys to success. The coach can’t only be a professional in the game. To be a coach means being the person, who will be able to motivate the player and let him or her move in the right direction. Practically, the coach will have to lead the way to the desired result for the client, but along the way, the coach has to create the best and most comfortable atmosphere in order for the player to learn and get the most from the learning process.

To combine all that, a good coach needs, to build up the whole style of coaching itself. It means the person should consider the main values that he or she concentrates on in the game and which will be later learned by the so-called students. The coach should pre-build the environment in which an individual or a team will be operating so that it will be useful for the development of both sides. Meanwhile, the coach must remain someone that the clients have respect for, so the discipline in the training should also be strictly considered. So, the coach does not necessarily become your friend, but rather the person who will assist you in becoming the best version of yourself and giving your best performance in the game that you have ever demonstrated. The coach should also understand that each client may need a very different system of learning. Some clients may not be able to train and learn at the pace that you desire, but that does not mean that you should give up on them. As a coach, you must show some patience and some skills to find the individual way of helping that will suit the client. There’s also an aspect that the coach should grasp, and that is the ability to watch the game correctly. Coaches should not only see if the player makes mistakes in the game or is doing well, but they should also be able to discover the weaknesses and strengths of the client and work on them individually.

 If you think that you have already developed the above-mentioned skills and, you have, naturally, asked the question, "How do I coach League of Legends?" then we will be happy to consider you for joining our team. In order to get a chance, you simply have to send us an email and get ready for the best possible future in Elounion.


It is not only about a coach

As for the clients themselves, they have to understand that the process of coaching does not only depend on the coach. Of course, there’s no profit in it, if the coach is not good (which you won’t have to worry about at Elounion ), but even if he or she is a professional at their job, there still might be the chance that you don’t achieve the level that you so long for. By that, we mean that you have to show the initiative for improving yourself in the game and then we can guarantee you that the coaches will help you with it. As a client it will benefit you, if you remain open to some criticism from the side of your coach. You have to remember that our team members are on your side and even some criticism is still delivered in order to help you develop. The process will also be much easier if you are not afraid of asking some questions, even the ones that might sound silly in your head. The environment provided by our coaches is very welcoming, so you can show off your skills fully and receive the advice that you need but might not know yet. By following all the paths, the coach is preparing for you, you can relax, because that means you are already on the way to the success you have been dreaming of.

We understand that, without specific knowledge of the game and strategizing, deciding what to work on and what will be useful for improvement can be extremely difficult and stressful. Well, our coaches have that knowledge and those communication skills that will be personalized for each of our clients, understanding that the way to success looks different for every person. And so, we offer you the chance to enjoy the game and achieve as many goals as you’ve set without having to worry about every little detail, because that is going to be our job, which we will be happy to do.