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Considering the growing competitiveness in the eSports field, it is not easy to achieve huge success or to make an impact on the gaming society, but Yiliang Peng, mostly known by his nickname Doublelift, has repeatedly proved that he is one of the few exceptions. To understand how Doublelift got to be an actual legend in the League universe, let’s start from his early years and how he got into the game at first.


Doublelift’s early years and rise to fame

Yiliang Peng was born in North America on July 19, 1993. Ever since his childhood, he has shown an interest in the gaming world. His love for gaming started to develop with traditional home console games, and afterward, when he moved up and switched to PC games, he discovered his passion for games like Dota and World of Warcraft. When he finally found the game for himself and dove into the League of Legends universe, he already knew he would be successful and that his name would be known to thousands of people. Other than gaming, he used to love showing some magic tricks, and if you’ve ever wondered where the Doublelift nickname comes from, that’s it. Even though Yiliang’s gaming had an enormous impact on many young players, and they admire him for that, his family wasn’t that supportive and didn’t think his "hobby" would help him in his life. Because of the all-time ongoing arguments on that topic, Doublelift finally decided to leave home and move in with his older brother, who was staying in California at the time. Doublelift credits his brother for supporting him during a difficult period in his life and encouraging him to pursue his dream of becoming a professional gamer. In 2011, he joined the team Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) and quickly became one of their star players. He played for CLG for several years, helping them become one of the top teams in North America. During this time, he also became a popular streamer on Twitch, where he would stream his gameplay and interact with his fans. Doublelift's success in the game and his popularity as a streamer led to him being recruited by other top teams, including Team SoloMid (TSM) and Team Liquid. He played for these teams in the following years and helped them achieve success in various League of Legends tournaments.


Doublelift’s gaming style

When discussing Doublelift's gaming style, it's important, to begin with, the role he typically plays on the battlefield. Throughout the majority of his career in eSports, he has been a successful PRO AD Carry, contributing significantly to the success of his teams. To understand his style better, let's first define the AD carry role in the League. Champions in this role aim to attack enemies from a distance and eliminate them with ease. Doublelift's greatest contributions to his teams were made while playing this role. Additionally, he gained fame for his aggressive and loud gaming style. Though it wasn't always the safest approach, Doublelift learned to strike a balance between taking risks to damage his enemies while also staying alive. His gaming style is characterized by his ability to outplay his opponents in the lane and deal massive amounts of damage in team fights. He is renowned for his exceptional mechanics, quick reflexes, and ability to make split-second decisions.


Doublelift outside the matches

Doublelift made quite an impression on League fans with his personality in addition to his gaming style. He is known for being highly competitive and driven, often expressing his desire to win and be the best. Doublelift has a strong work ethic and is dedicated to improving his gameplay. His hype-fueled personality outside the field has also been a major reason for his success. He has a sense of humor and an ability to connect with his fans, with a large social media following where he shares funny memes and videos. Doublelift is also one of the players most known for his trash-talking about opponents before matches. During the 2013 League of Legends All-Star tournament, he famously claimed to be the best player, and that everyone else was "trash," which was seen as bold and controversial and quickly became a meme in the community. Doublelift has also been open about some of the challenges he has faced in his personal life, including the loss of his mother when he was young and his strained relationship with his parents. Despite these challenges, he has persevered and become one of the most respected and beloved players in the League of Legends community.


Doublelift’s journey - motivation for players

Doublelift has been a great source of motivation for aspiring professional players in the League of Legends Doublelift has been a great source of motivation for aspiring professional players in the League of Legends community. His incredible skill and dedication to the game have inspired many players to work harder and strive for greatness. He is known for spending countless hours practicing and analyzing his gameplay, and he has often talked about the importance of hard work and dedication in achieving success. Overall, Doublelift's success and his approach to the game have made him a role model for many players in the League of Legends community. He has shown that with hard work, dedication, and a strong belief in oneself, it is possible to achieve greatness in the world of professional esports. If you also dream of being successful and achieving the goals you have set for yourself, but can't seem to get on that journey on your own, make sure to check out our services. The Elounion team offers coaching and boosting services to help you achieve your goals while progressing in the most comfortable environment, that we have planned specifically for each client. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of becoming the next Legend in the League universe, just like Doublelift did.