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What is Valorant?

What is Valorant?



What’s Valorant about?

 If you have been into the gaming world for a while, you have probably noticed the variety of games Riot is working on for the public. We’ve got League of Legends, which is an online battle arena; they also designed Teamfight Tactics, an auto-battle game; and so on. The company hasn’t forgotten to develop a game for lovers of first-person shooter video games. Valorant officially gained the title Riot shooter game.  It was released in June 2020 and has since gained a large following among gamers.

In Valorant, players are split into two teams of five and take turns attacking and defending a bomb site. The attacking team must plant a bomb at one of the two designated sites, while the defending team must prevent them from doing so or defuse the bomb if it has already been planted. Each round lasts for one minute and forty seconds, and the first team to win 13 rounds wins the match.


The agents in Valorant

Players can choose from various characters known as "agents," each with unique abilities that can be used to gain an advantage over the opposing team. The agents are split into four categories: Duelist, Controller, Sentinel, and Initiator.

Duelists are the most aggressive agents and excel in one-on-one combat. They are designed to take control of the game and win fights. Controllers, on the other hand, specialize in creating obstacles and denying areas to the opposing team. They can manipulate the battlefield by creating walls of smoke or blinding enemies with flashes of light.

Sentinels are the support characters in Valorant, and they are best suited for defending a particular area or teammate. They can heal their teammates, provide cover, and detect enemy activity. Initiators are agents that can scout the enemy team, gather information, and create opportunities for their team to strike.

In addition to agents, players can purchase weapons and equipment using in-game currency earned through kills, rounds won, or planted bombs. The game also features a ranked mode, which allows players to compete for higher ranks and recognition, which makes the game more challenging and exciting in a way.


Is Valorant worth playing?

Naturally, the answer to the question is individual for each person, but from our side, we would like to explain some reasons that definitely make Valorant worth playing with and spending hours on. The most outstanding and interesting aspect of Valorant is that the game offers a unique gameplay experience that combines tactical first-person shooting with agent abilities, making each match feel fresh and exciting. The game's mechanics and design are well-balanced, and the gameplay is challenging but rewarding. Other than that, the game has a strong competitive scene, which can be a significant draw for many players. We have already mentioned the ranked mode of the game above, but it is also important in this case, considering that it provides a platform for players to test their skills against other players and climb the leaderboards, which leads to a feeling of eagerness. It should also be said that the game has a vibrant and active community, which can enhance the player's experience. The game has various modes, maps, and agents to choose from, and the community regularly shares tips, tricks, and strategies that players can use to improve their gameplay. Last but not least, Riot Games has always shown support for the games, regularly releasing updates to improve the player experience. This dedication to the game's development ensures that the game remains fresh and relevant for the players. It’s been not that long since Valorant has been released—only three years—but it should be noticed that the excitement towards the game is still as genuine as if Riot had just published it today.


Is Valorant an eSport?

Considering all the good qualities of the game and the growing following of gamers, it should not be a surprise that it has made its debut in the eSports field. Valorant Esports is currently one of the most popular and successful esports in the world. Riot Games has made significant investments in the competitive scene, providing a multi-tiered esports structure with regional and international tournaments. The game has drawn several high-profile esports organizations, as well as many professional players and teams that compete in various tournaments and leagues. Furthermore, the game has a devoted fan base that closely follows the competitive scene and cheers on their favorite players and teams. The game has already achieved such successes as the winner of the best eSports game in 2022 and is continuing to develop in that aspect. As to gamers who would like to participate in Valorant eSport, there are naturally particular skills they have to work on. Other than the ability to be a sharpshooter, you’ll need to master qualities like working in a team, having great game sense, communication skills, and advanced knowledge of the map. Getting to that level might be hard, but it eventually gets you to the point where you get to fully enjoy the process of gaming and even turns your hobby into a job you have fun doing.


Elounion and Valorant

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