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What is Teamfight Tactics?

What is Teamfight Tactics?


What is Teamfight Tactics?

 – Teamfight Tactics is a popular auto-battle game mode released by Riot Games in 2019 and to which a lot of people refer as a League of Legend's Chess. The game mode received the status of a standalone application for iOS and Android in 2020. 

Being a part of the League of Legends society, you probably have previously heard about the TFT abbreviation. Let’s go over all the questions and the whole concept regarding the Teamfight Tactics game and start from the beginning. Already today, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is a popular auto-battle game mode within the League of Legends universe, which we are very familiar with, but TFT is slightly different. It has also been referred to as "LOL chess." In TFT, players assemble a team of champions and strategically position them on a game board to battle against other players' teams. The goal is to eliminate all other players and be the last player standing.


What is special about TFT?

The game has attracted the interest not only of League fans but of newcomers to this universe as well. Even though you must beware that the game is not that easy to pick up and master in the short term, if you are planning to commit to it, it will be worth it. As said, people have called the game LoL chess, and they weren’t wrong; the game is quite intelligent like chess. It is mainly dependent on the strategies that you, as a gamer, plan for the team of champions that you have chosen. It must be said that here comes one of the main differences between the League and its game mode, TFT. The strategy is also a game changer during the battles in League of Legends, but the reflexes that you need to develop are also quite important. Well, if you can’t seem to master those quick reflexes to the level that you desire, it won’t be that much of a problem in Teamfight Tactics, considering that it actually is an auto-battle game. So while playing TFT and trying to win, you have to stay mostly focused on the strategies. There are unlimited choices of strategies in each battle that you can lead your team to victory with, so you will have to adapt and analyze different situations to come out successful every time. That might be a difficulty in someone’s eyes, but that’s actually what makes the game so challenging and interesting for those who understand the main purpose of the TFT game and have fun playing it. TFT is an extremely pleasurable game because each game is distinct thanks to the random factor in the game. Additionally, TFT offers players the opportunity to showcase their innovative abilities while constructing their teams. TFT is ideal for gamers who are analytical and have a creative mindset. If you don’t consider yourself one, do not give up on the game and give it a try, since it will help you work on developing some skills that, in your opinion, you may seek. Anyway, your TFT experience will be fun and colorful for you thanks to the developers who have built it, so it doesn’t get boring and tiring at any time.


Is TFT an eSport?

Some may not take Teamfights Tactics that seriously, considering it just a game mode of the "main game", the League, but the TFT game itself has gained an enormous fanbase that has taken the game to the next level. Even to this day, its popularity still rises, and TFT has been officially named the number one strategy game in the world by the president of Esports himself. Speaking of eSports, TFT hasn’t been unheard of in that field either. In the esports world, TFT has its own professional circuit, with players and teams competing in various tournaments and leagues around the world. The TFT competitive scene is structured around a series of online and offline events, including qualifiers, regional and international championships, and the TFT World Championship. Professional players compete for prize pools, fame, and recognition, and some have even become full-time streamers and content creators. Well, just like other eSports, TFT requires a high level of skill, strategic thinking, and teamwork. Players must not only have a deep understanding of the game mechanics and champion synergies but also be able to adapt quickly to the continuously changing meta and unpredictable RNG (random number generator) elements. All in all, TFT esports have a bright future ahead of them and are already a part of an exciting and rapidly growing field.


Elounion and TFT

We have previously "warned" you that the Teamfights Tactics game isn’t as easy to master as it may seem, but playing the game after mastering it to the point where you are just having fun and not stressing about some things, brings such joy that lots of people decide to put hard work into improving their experiences. Sometimes working on that isn’t going really well on your own, and as former gamers, we truly understand that. Well, if you are looking for some help, Elounion is ready to give you a hand. We offer you our boosting and coaching services for a better experience in the TFT as well as in the League of Legends universe. We make sure of it: no matter which service you choose (solo boost, duo boost, coaching), the outcome will be the best, and the process of getting there will be held in an environment most pleasant for our client. Check out our services for Teamfights Tactics right here; make sure you choose the one most suitable and comfortable for you and let Elounion lead you on your way to success.