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Is Elounion safe?

Is Elounion safe?


Is Elounion safe?

 – Yes, it is. Elounion is completely safe for your use.

There are many aspects people try to consider before finally deciding on the boosting services. We understand that the question of safety might pop up about our services as well, but there is nothing you will have to worry about. The main goal of our team is to build the most trustworthy platform for customers in need and putting your faith in us will be the start of an amazing journey in your progressive experience in the League of Legends universe.


What are the risks of using boosting services? 

The boosting services are specifically provided to help gamers along the way to their main goal, but some significant risks may occur when provided by unreliable platforms, that don’t have customers’ best interests in mind. Even though these won’t happen while working with us, let’s roll over those possible risks. We have to start with Riot’s terms of service, which include that boosting is punishable, meaning the account might be banned. Other than the fact of using the services, the League universe has become so sensitive to all details, that it may be pretty easy to get banned. Having a customer’s account means getting access to the chat and all the contacts. Writing a curse or something offensive to a teammate or an enemy you are playing with is against the policy and automatically results in a ban from gaming. The idea of trusting someone you don’t personally know with that much power on your account is quite uncomfortable. There even have been cases, where some boosting services have intentionally used that power after clients have delayed payments several times. Publishing information about using boosting is also quite uncomfortable for some people in their private lives, thinking that they might lose the respect of fellow teammates and gamers, even though it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Still, the uncertainty resulting from that might be unbearable for some clients. Well, Elounion with our team alongside is here to take those risks to the minimum and create a process, that will be pleasant and profitable in all the ways possible. We understand that there may be many reasons why you decide to seek our help, but we don't ask many questions. We simply concentrate on our goal, which is to assist you when you need it.


What measures do we take to enable your safety?

Keeping the identity behind the computer anonymous is mostly the main goal for gamers using our services. Some people tend to hide that fact, which we fully understand. Considering that, the "yes" answer might not be very satisfying for you, so let’s dig deeper into it and explain the methods we use to keep Elounion services the safest and most comfortable for each client. Let’s start by defining, that our team uses the most developed safety technologies for our boosting services like Solo-, Duo- and Mastery boost. We are foreseeing the possibility that the origins of our clients might be different from the places where we are operating and so we have specialized VPN for that matter. Other than the obvious methods we try to take into consideration all little details. For example, we make sure that the common summoner spells command in the game is used by the same keycaps. If you have been playing with the spell command on F and not D, we will do the same, so the possibility of detecting any interference from our boosting specialists is so low that it goes unnoticed. We have also talked about the banning from gaming, for using the chat function inappropriately. As former gamers as well, we understand the concern about that fact and we keep it in our policy, that the chat is turned off, while our team members are playing with your account. That way, there is no chance that some unpleasant situation occurs and leads to a punishment from Riot. Other than keeping your safety untouchable, it will negatively reflect on the general trust in our services, which is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve in this field.

To summarize all of that, we once again promise you, that deciding on boosting services from Elounion is the safest choice of all. It is in our best interests to keep your private information safe, as well as the reputation of our platform. You don’t have to be afraid and await the slightest possibility that your account will be used for anything other than improving your progress in LOL. Even considering the case discussed above, when the boosters have used some form of "punishment" because of the delayed payments, that is not something you have to worry about while working with us. Elounion is all about the trust that you put in us, and that trust won’t ever be betrayed. That is the promise we can make, and we can assure you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Check out the multiple safe services we are offering right here.