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Which champion type suits you the best?

Which champion type suits you the best?


How do you choose the right champion?

 Finding a way to fully enjoy the experience in the game is never an easy task, especially when we are talking about games with such a variety of champions as League of Legends. To this day, there are 162 unique characters available for all players. The unique word in that is "best" and at the same time "worst," considering that the differences between champions make it even harder to find the one that suits you the most. As former players, we have gone a long way to find the champion, maybe even two or more, that help get the best performance and the most fun in the game. Want to know how? Elounion is here to give you a hand in that matter.


The roles of champions in the game

Even though you may be waiting for a straightforward answer to the desired question, unfortunately, that is not how it all goes. Finding the most suitable champion requires a lot of patience on the player's side. At first, you should figure out what role you would like to play on the battlefield. In the League of Legends universe, the roles are mainly divided into six parts. Let’s start with an Assassin, who is a swift champion who specializes in eliminating or crippling high-value targets. Assassins are opportunistic hunters who look for favorable moments within a fight before jumping into the fray, focusing on infiltration, deception, and mobility. The next role is known by the name of Marksman. A marksman attacks from a distance, and their abilities are primarily used to maintain safe positioning and provide additional firepower. Then, the Fighters are a diverse group of short-ranged combatants who excel at both dealing and surviving damage. If you are willing to work on maximizing damage from skill combos, you may want to look into the role of the Mage. Mages are known for their long-range, ability-based area of effect damage and crowd control. They use all of these abilities in tandem to trap and destroy enemies from afar. The Support role may seem less important to beginners, but that is not true. People playing in the support role are those who manipulate the battlefield through means other than brute force. They are frequently in charge of directing map control and providing vision through wards. Without a good gamer in support, there won’t be a necessity for the other roles’ players in the battle. Last but not least, we have the role of the tanks. While tanks can engage enemies in combat, their primary purpose is to disrupt enemies and divert attention to themselves, allowing them to lock down specific targets (or several targets at once) and remove (or peel) threats from their allies.

How can Elounion help?

Now that you know the roles of the champions that you should consider while choosing the right one, it must be a little bit easier, but the hard work doesn’t end here. As said, there are currently 162 different champions with more to come, and there are six roles on the field, which we have already discussed. This naturally leads to the fact that several champions are being considered for a specific role. Other than that, as to complicate things the Riot has created the champions, so that one champion, if played the right way, can be used in playing several roles in the battle. So, after all the explaining, we are back at the initial stage: which champion do I choose? Well, that is the most interesting process. You get the chance to test and build strategies with all the champions you want. You can use the skills and combos, that are developed for those and see which champion can help you show your strengths and hide your weaknesses. To figure that out, first, the gamers themselves have to know their skills in the game, and noticing all that is not always easy. That is from your own perspective, but when there is someone watching your game from the sidelines, it becomes simpler. We, as Elounion, offer you a chance that will lead you to the right choice. The coaching service that we have worked on contains a professional from our team helping you get better at the game. That is a very short description of the process. If you still haven’t decided on the champion, with whom you will go along the way of mastering the game, the coach will be the person, who helps you test out all the best characters most suitable for you, considering your abilities. That way, in the end, you will be able to experience LOL gaming on a new level, where the performance you show will strictly depend on the work you put into it and not on the unsuitable combination of your and the champion’s skills. If you are ready for that change, be sure to check out our coaching service here. We will be happy to help you experience the League with the right champion, the same way we do.