Why would you dodge a game?

Why would you dodge a game?

How does the game work? 

 Each match in the League of Legends universe can be very important. Perhaps not so much in the beginning because you are still learning and improving yourself, but as you progress toward higher rankings and mastery levels, for example, even one win or loss may be a dealbreaker. The thing is, even though your performance in the match mainly depends on your experience, skills, and all the work you put into the game, the League is still a team game. That means the outcome of the match may be at risk if your teammates are not serious about the game or just do not have the needed skills to win it. Some of them might be toxic or disruptive, and you just do not want to deal with them during the match. But how can you know all that beforehand? Unfortunately, you cannot and can only obtain information about your teammates and enemies in champion select lobbies. By their information, we mean, for example, that you see that your teammate picks a champion that he or she rarely plays with, so you think they are not very experienced with it. When you find out something disturbing while waiting for the match to start in the lobby, you may reconsider going to the battle arena with the other nine people. That is what the so-called dodging mechanism was invented for. To get better results, you need to contact us and try League of Legends (lol) coaching


Penalties for dodging

To avoid a game in League of Legends (LOL), simply decline the matchmaking queue when it appears. If you have already accepted the queue and wish to avoid the game, you may do so by exiting the match before it begins. Of course, this action does not go unnoticed. The whole game would have been much easier if you could just play the matches, you are comfortable with. Riot does not enjoy making tasks easier for gamers. Each dodged game may result in a penalty. Dodging a game may result in a penalty, such as an LP (League Points) loss or a temporary ban from matchmaking. This can have an adverse effect on your overall ranking and progress in the game. To better understand the risk, let us look at the penalties for dodging in Solo or Flexed Ranked Queue. For one dodge, you are punished with a 6-minute queue penalty and -3 League Points (LP). For two dodges, a 30-minute queue penalty and a -10 LP are imposed. For 3+ dodges: 720-minute (12-hour) queue penalty and a -10 LP. 


Changes by Riot

So even though you might find it profitable in some situations to dodge whenever you want, it might get in the way of your developing and moving up the ranking ladder considering the continuous loss of the League Points. Because of that, you should really think about whether it is better to use the given opportunity and wait for a better team or a weaker enemy. Well, you should not think about that anymore, given the latest update to the game. Riot has decided that the names of LOL summoners should be hidden in champion select lobbies. "We think the best version of League is not one where you metagame based on the players in your lobby, weigh who's on a win or loss streak or playing a different champion, and dodge or pressure others to dodge when your setup doesn't meet perfect conditions," Riot Games stated. This change may not have been so pleasant for some players, but it was generally made to reduce the toxicity and create the most comfortable environment for the gamers.

Even though the new restriction has already been launched in the game, some players are still able to see the names of other players in the lobby with the help of some programs that can be set during the game. Considering this possibility, all the risks and penalties that we have discussed above still apply. Maybe they apply even more, because Riot is clearly watching League of Legends players' behavior. As a result, developers have begun to crack down hard on dodgers.


Should you dodge?

In conclusion, it is important to remember that the best way to improve your lol rank and performance in the game is to play consistently and practice your skills. You won’t always have the choice to play with and against who you want, so naturally it is better to gain the experience and improve your game even when the environment does not help you with it. Of course, there may be some emergency situations in which you just have to dodge, but other than that, it may be better to just try and do your best while dealing with the uncomfortable situation. However, when you are already playing with a high ranking and are very near the goal you have set for yourself, and even one loss can determine whether you reach it or not, it really is understandable to dodge one game. Just remember that while dodging a game may be very tempting in certain circumstances, it can also result in some serious penalties such as a loss of LP (League Points) or a temporary ban from matchmaking as said. We believe it will become even more strictly regulated in the future, so perhaps avoid it unless it is a necessary action that will bring you far more profit than the amount of damage that can be brought.