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Created for gamers, by gamers

By playing the League of Legends for many years, we have clearly understood the complexity and intensity of the game. This has led us to the idea that, considering all the details, some gamers might need the help, we ourselves needed in the process of mastering the game. The Elounion team consists of high-elo solo queue and competitive League of Legends players. After years of experience as coaches/boosters on many different websites, we decided to create our own platform, that focuses on delivering results in the most efficient and comfortable way possible. By taking the customer support aspect to the highest level and focusing on every small but important detail, we intend to build long term relationships with our customers. Our greatest achievement would be to gain your complete trust, which we deserve. We will concentrate on our goal, which we have set to be helping and improving the skills of our clients when they are in need. Even during providing solo services to you, we are open to any questions that you might have about some strategic moves, decision making, etc. To summarize everything, we are right here by your side when you need any kind of assistance in the game, and we will provide it in the most comfortable way, given that we as gamers, completely understand the needs and issues you might have. Give us a try!